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Modules Builder > Getting Started

Step 1: Upload To Your Website

Download the Modules Builder zip file and extract it. Then, upload the files to your server using a FTP program. Learn how to upload module to server.

Step 2: Run Installation Wizard

The first time you run the oneadmin, it will automatically load the Installation Wizard. Run this wizard using appropriate information and settings in order to setup required MySQL Database and config file. Please visit Installation Wizard to view detailed guidelines.

Step 3a: Build Your Own Modules

Log in to your admin area and click on the 'Pro' button to access the Modules Builder Pro page where you can create your own module. To complete your module, use various page objects to help you design. Learn more about page objects.

Step 3b: Download Module Packages

We've ready made modules which are available for you to download from the Modules Library. Once you've downloaded a module package, install the zip file at the Modules Builder Pro section.

Step 4: Integrate Modules To Your Website

Integration is easy. You just need to copy the appropriate inclusion code of a module and paste it on your HTML code. Read integration guidelines.

Learn how to...
  Upload Modules Builder Pro to your website
  Run Installation Wizard
  Integrate module to your website

More info
  Need any technical assistance to help you install?