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Upgrade To Latest V4.2.3

Upgrading will be a simple matter of uploading the updated files over on top your existing installation, and execute the upgrade scripts to update your database.

Login to your client account to download updates, view product changelogs and step-by-step upgrade instructions.


  • V4.2.3 is available in IonCube and Standard copy only. Ensure that your PHP has IonCube Loader (for IonCube) and Zlib extension (for Standard) installed/enabled. Read system requirements.
  • You must backup your data and whole 'oneadmin/' directory before upgrading. If you do not know how to backup your MySQL data, please contact your web host for assistance.
  • When you're upgrading to V4.2.3, all scripts (except custom modules built from Modules Builder) that are running on the same One Admin panel must also be upgraded to V4.2.3.
  • These guidelines are applicable for One Admin scripts that have not applied with any customization.

Quick Overview of Upgrade Steps

Upgrading from 4.2 to 4.2.3

Upgrading from v4.2 to v4.2.3 is FREE. You can download updates, view the upgrade instructions and changelogs your client account.

Upgrading from 3.1, 4.0, 4.1 to 4.2.3

What's new in 4.2.3

  • Must-apply Security Patches, Bugs Fixes for older version, Anti-spam CAPTCHA
  • Support PHP 5.3, MySQL 4 & 5
  • Performance Improvement
  • New Skin for Admin Panel
    - Now even more easier and spacious to work.
  • Private Label Capability
    - Rebrand our scripts with your own logo & grahics for admin panel. Resell it at your own price to earn profit. Please visit to Private Label for more details.
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization
    - Native language / keywords as part of your page URLs. You can have your page URL to carry product name, news article title, photo title, events and etc.
  • Dynamic Web Page Title
    - Working together with S.E.F. URL, your product name, links title, and blog can now be published as the title of your web page dynamically, to gain higher position in Search Engine Results.
  • More Advanced HTML Editor
    - Faster editing work with ability to maximize editor to full screen, format font, font CSS, anchor link, preview content and even upload flash media.
    - Support the Safari browser on Mac.

To upgrade

  1. Order product license from our Online Store.
  2. Login to client account to download updates. Apply updated files to replace your old files.
  3. Manually edit your existing 'config.php' to add in new configuration settings.
  4. Execute upgrade scripts on the browser to update database.
  5. Configure Preference Settings in the admin panel.
  6. Request license key and activate your v4.2.3 scripts to full version.
  7. Place new integration code to your front end web pages.

Upgrade Service

To make things easy, you can have us to upgrade for you. We will backup your data, upgrade your scripts, update database, check front end integration and ensure everything in working order with minimal interuptions to your system.

The price for upgrade service is as following, please contact us and let us know which module(s) at which site that you would to upgrade, we will provide you with the billing info.

* Upgrade service fee does not include product license