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Private Label

Now You Can Sell At Higher Price Without Revealing Your Cost

Private label allows you to resell our software as your own.

We give you the full rebrand rights in which you can change the logo, icons, company name, copyright text or even the modules name, so that your brand make yourself appear as the original provider of the products you offered; Comdev name does not appear anywhere.

Original version

Re-branded version

View Re-branded Demo Site Here

Benefits of Private Label

100% rebrandable: change the admin panel theme to your own logo, graphics, color, look & feel.
Earn high profit: resell at your own price brand.
Hide your cost: sell at higher price without revealing your cost.
Easy distribution: package and distribute your rebranded copy to clients easily.
Competitive advantages: don't have to worry about competiting with our prices.
Your brand made yourself stand out from competitors
One time fee: no monthly or annual renewal fee.

Private Label FAQs

1. How do I Private Label my modules?

Private label your modules is just a few steps:
  1. You purchase the Private Label license at our store.
  2. After your order is verified, we will provide you with an URL to download the Private Label files.
  3. In the admin : Private Label page, just follow the step-by-step instructions to replace all the references to '' with your company info.
  4. Finally, you submit your installation URL to us to get your Private Label activation key. If you're our verified clients, the key will be sent to you instantly upon your request.

2. What modules that I can apply Private Label?

Private Label is applicable for One Admin V4.2 only. All the 17 modules, including Modules Builder Pro and Modules Builder Lite V4.2 are capable for and fully rebrandable.

3. Can I buy Private Label license now but activate it later?

YES. You can buy the Private Label license now, and activate the license at later time. However, activation has to be done within the availability period of V4.2 or series V4.2.x at our online store.

4. How to activate Private Label license?

  1. After your payment, you will receive an order receipt with an Order Tag for the Private Label License, and a link to download the Private Label files.
  2. With the files, you may start changing the One Admin panel (back-end) template.
  3. Login to your One Admin panel, go to admin : Private Label. Click 'Request Key'.
  4. Ensure that you submit the correct Product Activation URL.
  5. Once you received the activation key, go to admin : Private Label again, paste-in the key.
  6. The admin : Private Label page will be hidden upon successful activation.
Note: The Private Label activation key can not be used to activate any of One Admin modules. To get your module running in full version, just buy the respective module license from our store.

5. Is it possible to provide installation files that are already rebranded to my clients?

YES. It is pretty easy to get our scripts rebranded-ready prior to installation.

After you made all the edits to the private files, re-zip the One Admin folders and distribute it to your clients. Then you provide the Private Label activation key to them.

You can re-distribute the same rebranded copy to other clients.

6. Can I upgrade current installation and rebrand it?

YES. If your current installation version is V4.1, you can upgrade to V4.2 by:
  1. Just overwrite the entire installation files with new V4.2 files; except the '_files' folder and 'config.php' file.
  2. Your existing data will keep intact on the V4.2 platform, you will not loss the old data.
  3. Order the V4.2 licenses for your modules. You need the V4.2 license keys to activate the modules on the new platform.
  4. Then, purchase the Privata Label license from our store. We will provide you a link to download the Private Label copy, and start changing the panel template design.
  5. Finally, you submit the installation URL, and activate your Private Label license to full version.
If you're using older version than 4.1, you may have to upgrade to V4.1.4 first.

We are glad to offer the upgrade service for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

7. Terms of Private Label

Resell Rights

Our License Agreement permits you to sublicense the scripts to your customer, giving them the right to use the products. This is a means for you to resell the script, you continue to have the rights and obligations under the license agreement, but your client's agreement is with you.

IMPORTANT: The terms of your license must be at least as restrictive as the original license and can not contain the right for your sublicensees (clients) to sublicense the scripts to another party.

Private Label License
  • Valid for One Admin V4.2 or the series of V4.2.x only.
  • Activated license can not be changed or transfered to other new installation URL.
  • Non-activate license can not be exchanged with any One Admin module(s), Modules Builder Pro or Modules Builder Lite.
  • Each license is valid for ONE installation URL only.
    You can have multiple modules installed under one URL, but you need only 1 Private Label license for that URL.