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One Admin Suite

Comprises of

17 modules

* which include Photo Gallery, Newsletter, eCommerce, Web Blogger, News Publisher, Events Calendar, Links Directory, Misc Tools, Forum, Form Designer, FAQ Support, Customer Helpdesk, Vote Caster, Contact Form, Guestbook, Geo Traffic and CSV Importer.

* All modules license for 1 URL only.
Need multiple URLs bundle? see One Admin X-Pack

Individual Application Modules - Ready Made PHP Plug-In Scripts

PHP eCommerce   


Setup your online store & shopping cart powered by payment transactions with eCommerce Multi-level product categories Search product & view all product list Auto generate product thumbnails & resize photos Online credit card & offline transactions Tax & shipping Inventory control Public & member accessed only pricing Discount coupon Product options & sur-changes Transaction history Search Engine Friendly URL | more...

PHP Form Designer   

Form Designer

Easily build your professional forms that suit your business needs Create multiple forms with unlimited pages Customizable form fields Allow or diable multiple form submissions Preset forms Send form copies to different email groups with personalized email contents Add Thank You page Export records to CSV format Notify admin upon form submission Preview and print forms CAPTCHA image | more...
PHP Newsletter   


Keep your clients or potential customers informed with up-to-date announcement, promotions, new release HTML newsletter with WYSIWYG editor Plain text newsletter Preset email templates Manage subscribers categories Avoid duplicate subscription Schedule delivery date Cron job to auto send newsletter Bulk sending without time out Bounce emails handling Unsubscription Publish newsletter archives on website empowered by Search Engine Friendly URL | more...

PHP Photo Album   

Photo Gallery

Publish and share your photos online in just a few minutes Multi levels categories Public & member accessed only categories Customizable photo layout Slide shows Search photos Latest photos block Rating & visitor comments Photo hits Auto thumbnail creation Auto resize enlarge photos Protect your photo with watermark Visitors can submit photos Bulk upload photos in zip or FTP without time out Search Engine Friendly URL | more...
PHP Events Calendar   

Events Calendar

Suitable for those who would likes to schedule activities, showcase events online Multiple calendar views: year, month, weekly, day Mouse over tips to show events & times in year view Event categorization Add events details using HTML editor Recurring events Upcoming events Send event reminders Printer version calendar Support local time zone Personalized date & time formats Search events Enriched with Search Engine Friendly URL | more...

PHP Links Directory   

Links Directory

Create your own Yahoo-style directory & increase website traffic through back linking Unlimited sub-categories Links counter for category Premium links with icon Check back links & broken links Statistic: incoming clicks, clicks-out New, Top Rated, Most Popular links Redirect link to URL Quick shortcut to link details Review, rate, tell-a-friend, add to favourite Link submission Search Engine Friendly URL Link name appear as web page's title | more...

FAQ Support

Your customers will appreciate instant answers to the commonly asked questions. Arrange questions & answers in proper categories Latest FAQs Most Popular FAQs Assign a FAQ into multiple categories FAQ layout: jump to answer on same page or open answer in new window Integrate with Comdev Customer Helpdesk Enable users to submit questions Search knowledgebase using keywords or 'Jump to Category' Search Engine Friendly URL | more...

PHP Support Helpdesk   

Customer Helpdesk

Customer Helpdesk lets you provide systematic & traceable support for your customer Create categories of support issues Ready-made helpdesk form Add departments & agents Route support tickets to different departments Customizable canned messages Categorize tickets: Standard, Archive, Flagged Easy follow up with message history File attachments Email notifications upon reply Integrate with Comdev FAQ Support Publish answer & reply to FAQ | more...
PHP Miscellaneous Tools   

Misc Tools

Include these tools to your website: Search box, Tell-a-Friend, Create Password Page, Mini Poll, Counter, Site Map Add title, keywords, description for searched result pages Auto-scan meta info & content to get title, keywords and descriptio Filter `stop word` Member accessed only password protected pages Tell-a-Friend about your site Diffent styles of Tell-a-Friend templates Create mini poll Prevent Vote flood View page hits Create multi-levels site map | more...

PHP Forum   


An arena for communication & exchange opinions. A way of generating ongoing flow of website traffic Public or private discussion boards Member registration Assign moderators to take care of different categories Allow user to 'Reply With Quote' Search forum's topic by keywords or 'Jump to Category Upload avatar with auto resizing option Approve newly posted / replied topics Editable users topics & replies | more...
PHP Web Blogger   

Web Blogger

A perfect communication tool to share personal expression on the Internet, interact with like-minded people. Create blog with WYSIWYG editor Latest Blogs Most Popular Blogs Blog Categories Set permission for read blog & post comments Registered user can add their own category, friend list, blogs and manage comments Archive past blogs Quick shortcut to blogs using mini calendar Notify friend of new topic RSS news feeds Search Engine Friendly URL | more...

PHP News Publisher   

News Publisher

Easy to use article management system for you to publish & update articles & news headlines HTML news & announcement Add external news Latest news Announcement segment News categorization News summary Archive News Open news in same window or pop up window Tell-a-Friend & printer version RSS news feed Subscribe RSS Personalized RSS titles, descriptions, etc Search news by keywords or publish date Search Engine Friendly URL plus headlines as web page's title | more...

PHP Guestbook   


Listen to what others say about your business, service or website to gain valuable feedback Customisable guestbook form fields Option to approve new entry before publish Block IP to disallow sign guestbook Filter entry with Stop Word CAPTCHA Image Add background music to your guestbook Notify admin when user submits message Personalized preset email | more...

PHP Contact Form   

Contact Form

Facilitate your clients and potential customers to contact or send product related inquiries Customisable form fields Add pre-defined list such as country, day, month, year drop-down menu to be used in form Send auto-responder to user after submission Notify admin of new submission Personalized thank you message Configurable notification emails CAPTCHA Image | more...

PHP Data Import Export   

CSV Importer

Offers you the quickest way to maintain your MySQL database Import data from CSV file to database Step-by-step walkthrough wizard Connect to multiple database Match field columns Import record as new data, or update particular data or append extra records Export database to CSV format file Undo import process Registered member could upload records to permitted database from front end page | more...
PHP Poll   

Vote Caster

Web poll is widely employed by organizations or even personal to conduct survey or run mini contest Schedule multiple vote campaigns Can deactivate poll when reach max votes Randomize questions Create HTML answers Upload images to answer Answer type: checkbox, radio button, drop down or custom user input Prevent vote floods Personalized thank you message Public or private vote results Easy-to-understand graphical results Reset vote | more...

PHP Web Traffic Analyzer   

Geo Traffic

Simple yet essential web statistics analyzer for you to monitor your website traffic and performance, and it is more than just a hit counter Easy integrate to your web page with snippet code Track what traffic sources provide your visitors; how many unique visitors; how many pages they visit; which page do they leave on; where you visitors come from even the most popular browsers they used Generate `top ten` reports, daily, monthly User friendly graphical results Reset statistic | more...