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One Admin X-Pack

Split Different Modules for Different Websites!

One Admin X-Pack comprises of 17 One Admin modules that allows you to separate every module license to different websites.

Unlike the One Admin Suite where you use all modules license for single site, with X-Pack, you can use 1 or several modules for a website, and activate other modules on other websites. In other words, if you install one module each at different websites, you may use the bundle for up to 17 URLs.

17 modules:-
Photo Gallery, Newsletter, eCommerce, Web Blogger, News Publisher, Events Calendar, Links Directory, Misc Tools, Forum, Form Designer, FAQ Support, Customer Helpdesk, Vote Caster, Contact Form, Guestbook, Geo Traffic and CSV Importer


Low Cost for Multiple Websites

You can actually shared your development cost when you have separate websites that required different modules.
Let's say you wish to install the Events Calendar, Newsletter and Contact Form on, so you activate these 3 module licenses on the; while the remaining modules can be activated for other URLs.

You save up to $736 (approx. 63%) when you buy the X-Pack compared to if you purchase the modules individually.


Activate license as and when you need

After you purchased the X-Pack, you will be provided 17 separate licenses. Hence, there is no need to activate all the modules at one time, but activate a module license as and when you need it.

Our client account facilitates you to look out for the license that were already activated, and those are not. This way you can easily request an activation key for the available license.


Comparison with One Admin Suite

One Admin X-Pack One Admin Suite
17 modules can be used on separate installation URLs 17 modules for one installation URL only
Price: $399
Price: $299


Module License per URL

As our module license is per URL basis, any activated license can not be used for / changed to / transferred to other URLs. For example, if you have activated Events Calendar on, the Events Calendar license can not be re-use for other URLs.