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Purchase & Delivery

Volume Licenses Discount

We offer significant volume discount for you if you're looking to get more than one licenses. You will receive 10%, 20% or 25% discount automatically during checkout when you buy 3, 5 or 10 licenses of ANY products from One Admin web-based software* or Modules Builder*.

For inquiries related to bulk volume pricing, just ask or shop our store now!

No. of License

You Save

3 - 4 licenses 10%
5 - 9 licenses 20%
10 - 15 licenses 25%
5 URLs License (of same software) 25%
10 URLs License (of same software) 40%
* Excludes saving bundle, promotion / combo items.

Saving Bundle


You Save

One Admin X-Pack (1 module 1 URL) $399 63%
One Admin Suite (17 modules for 1 URL) $299 70%
FAQ + Helpdesk Twin Bundle (for 1 URL) $130 $20.00

Product Delivery

  1. Buy software and add to shopping cart
  2. Pay for online order
  3. Get Order Receipt, and unique Order Tag for each software
  4. Logon to your Client Account to download the software, install and request for product activation (activation key) using the Order Tag

Payment Methods

(ii) Credit Card

You can purchase our products from using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

Ordering by credit card is much faster than by wire transfer, but access to activation key can be granted within one business day after actual payment due to order verification.

(ii) PayPal, Wire Transfer

We also accept Paypal and Wire Transfer. Please contact us for payment information.

The disadvantage of bank transfer is a delay in getting access to activation key while our bank confirms the payment (usually it takes 2-14 days).
Note: any wire transfer expense should be paid by the customer.

Product Policy

(i) 30 Days Money Back

We provide 30 Days Money Back for your order. With the condition that within 30 days of your purchase and your product has not activated for final confirmation, which means no activation key has been issued/assigned, we will issue you a refund.

(ii) Per URL License

Our product activation key is issued according to unique URL of where the software is installed. Except X-PACK, every saving bundle and single module license is applicable to one URL only.

For example,
Each URL above is considered unique URL and thus, requires 6 different licenses.
Once an activation key (or the activation keys for One Admin Suite / Twin Bundle) of a license has been issued / provided to you:
  1. Activation URL of the license can not be changed.
  2. A license is not allowed to be transfer to other new URL or domain name.

(iii) Source Code

We understand that you may want to modify our software and in need of full source code. Due to the following circumstances, we are sorry that we do not provide 100% source codes.

  1. Protection to our intellectual property and technology from our competitors
  2. Protection against illegal distributions of our products
  3. Protection against usage of trial version and license verification
  4. Protection against our product ownership, copyright and business image
However, the front-end pages are open source to let you alter the HTML code in order to fit the layout to your webpage design.

Also, if you need customization to our software, please feel free to send us your requirement using the 'Ask Question' form, and we will assist you the best we can.

(iv) Logo, Copyright & About Us Info of One Admin

Unless you had purchased the Private Label license, we reserves the Comdev logo, One Admin logo, copyright text (including Powered by Comdev One Admin), and all associated icons and graphics of the One Admin panel.

For detail product policies, please read our License Agreement.