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Are you looking for an e-commerce website that automatically help you gain web traffic and produce sales results for you? Comdev eCommerce PRO is not an ordinary online store or plain shopping cart.

Comdev eCommerce PRO comes with 3 main things that you must have for running a successful ecommerce website: 1. An online store to get you sell online, 2. Marketing tools to submit your products to Google Base and SEO friendly product catalog and 3. Analytics tools to give you business reports that you must know for your ecommerce business on the Internet.

Please read further to find out how Comdev eCommerce PRO can be a powerful solution for your website!

How Does it Work? (3 easy steps)

Step 1: Upload the entire script folder to your web hosting account using FTP. Run the 1-step installation wizard.

Step 2: Create product categories, add your products, specify pricing, set your online payment processor settings.

Step 3: Insert few lines of code in your web pages to get the store front to display. You are ready to sell online!

Key Features

Shopping Cart

Product Catalog
Multiple Group-Access Prices
Shopping Cart & Check Out
Order Fulfillment & Transaction
Shipping & Tax
Customer Account
Security & Policy
Inventory Management


Google Base / Google Product Search
Search Engine Friendly HTML Catalog
Site Map Generation
Meta Info for Product & Category
Cross Sell & Recommended Product
Discount Coupon

Sales Analysis

Sales Performance Dash Board
Sales Report
TOP Statistic
Visitor Statistic

View all eCommerce PRO features and screenshots with more explanations.


What's New in 4.2.2

PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) - IPN is now replaced the old Standard Payment method. This method sends email notification to merchant instantly upon payment made by the online shoppers, regardless of payment/payer status; and save the transaction details to the back-end admin panel instantly.

The advantage of IPN is that, it does not rely on buyers interaction that require them to return to merchant site to confirm order, thus reducing the chances of dropped transaction.

Payment Status Returned from IPN - Retrieve and show payment status that returned from PayPal into Merchant Note, giving merchant ability to review in-depth payment info before fulfill orders.

More Powerful WYSIWYG Editor - New editor comes with ability to maximize / minimize full screen, and powerful tools enabling you to format font, add CSS, anchor link, preview content and even upload flash media to the 'Full Description' field.

Thumbnails in Recommended Product - Not just product name, thumbnail images of recommended products are also displayed.

New Currencies - Supporting more PayPal currencies like eg: BRL, MYR, THB and etc

Auto-check Payment Method - Check first payment method automatically without manual handling in the shopping cart check out page.


FREE 30 Day Priority Support - You can always communicate with us to resolve any issue you face in getting your project done. We dedicated to listen to you and provide you with the best solution we can.

Easy Installation and Integration - Our 1-step installation process will get the application up and running on your website seemlessly. Also, there is no design customization needed for integration. Simply plug few lines of code in your web pages to get the front-end display.

Single Back-End Administration - With all our applications that you can use in your website, you can have them all in a single back-end. There is no need for you to install multiple different scripts provided by different vendors.

Make Your Website Scallable - Unlike many other scripts provider, we are PHP application specialist that have stronghold Components Development technology, to supply you with a list of applications that you need.

Customization Service - At anytime you wish to customize our existing application or new one to meet your project needs, we are always here to provide our service. It is time to say goodbye to the pain of using open source scripts.

Money Back Guarantee

There is no worry for you to buy from us. If your server does not support the required configuration to install our application, or for any reason you have changed your mind within 30 days of your purchase and have not activated your product for final confirmation, we will provide you with a full refund.

Buy eCommerce PRO now, and we promise you won't be disappointed.

Priority Support

We set customer service as highest priority in our business. With our 30-day FREE support, you will work with our team of technical experts to help you get your project done in due time. Take advantage of the unlimited support tickets that you can post, knowledgebase and forum to find the answer that you need.

Whenever you need us, we are always here to help!


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