Comdev - PHP Scripts For Your Website
Fast Website Development with PHP Components

System Requirements

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

Your web server must supports PHP 4 or PHP 5.

The PHP configuration as refered to the PHP.INI file must have the following:-
safe_mode : OFF GD Library : Enabled
file_uploads : ON FreeType Support : Enabled
short_open_tag : ON open_basedir : no value (empty)
EXIF : Optional (required to import EXIF picture data in Photo Gallery)
mod_rewrite : Enabled (generate search engine friendly URL; for Apache server only)
allow_url_fopen : ON (subscribe / add external RSS feeds)

MySQL Database

Your web server must support MySQL 4 or MySQL 5.

Your hosting provider will normally provide you with MySQL service. You can create your MySQL database in your web hosting account control panel such as cPanel, Plesk, Ensim or HELM.

Make sure that you have your MySQL database ready with its information prior to installation: MySQL host, database name, username and password.

Web Server, OS, Browsers

Web Server : Apache or IIS
Operating System : Linux-based, Windows Server, Mac
Web Browser : IE 6 or above, Firefox, Safari* with javascript and cookie enabled
* WYSIWYG editor is not supported in Safari on Mac, anyway, you can insert HTML code manually into the editor box to create your HTML content

Application Decoder/Loader

As certain PHP files are encrypted, you will need to have either ionCube loader or ZLIB extension enabled in your web server. With the increase demand of web applications, most web host providers are already have their servers equipped with popular decoders like Zend Optimizer and ionCube loader.

ionCube Loader

You will need the ionCube Loader supported in your server to run our applications packaged as the ionCube version. If you would like to install the ionCube version, but do not have the ionCube Loader, please request your web host to install/enable the ionCube loader to your PHP INI. ionCube loader is free for download from the ionCube site.

ZLIB Extension

(without any decorder/loader)
If you really don't have the ionCube available in your web server, you can choose to use the standard version. Standard version uses ZLIB library which are mostly enabled in your PHP configuration.

The disadvantage of this version is that, the applications render for slower loading speed as compared to ionCube version.

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