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eCommerce PRO : Step 1: Upload to Server

1. Download Installation File

Go to your Client Account's Download page and choose to download Zend Optimizer or IonCube version to your hard drive. Extract the ZIP file, and you will see the 'oneadmin42' folder. Rename it to your preferable name, eg:



2. Upload One Admin Files Using FTP

Using a FTP client program such as FileZilla or CuteFTP, connect to your web server and upload the


folder from your hard drive to your website root directory, the directory where your home page is reside. For instant, the location for cPanel server will be 'public_html' or 'httpdocs' for Plesk.

Now, the URL for your myadmin folder would be like: http://your-domain/myadmin/.

3. Set Folder & File Permissions

Next, using the FTP client program, right click the following folder and file. Select 'Properties' / 'Permission' menu, then change the permission to

Read, Write, Execute for Owner, Group and Others (CHMOD 777)


Folder : /myadmin/_files
File : /myadmin/config.php

** Upon completion of Installation Wizard in the next section, set the permission for /myadmin/config.php back to 644.

4. Get Ready or Create Your MySQL Database

MySQL database is required to store the application data. You will need get a MySQL database ready, with an username granted full priviledge to access the database:

MySQL Host, Username, Password and Database Name

. The username and password are not necessary the same as your FTP information.

Most web hosts let you create your own MySQL database in the web hosting control panel. Alternatively, you can make a request to your hosting provider to obtain a MySQL database.

5. Run Installation Wizard

Then, you open the 'myadmin' URL with a web browser, http://your-domain/myadmin/index.php. The first time you run the One Admin, it will automatically load the Installation Wizard.

Now, you continue to the

Installation Wizard.

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