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Product Catalog

Search Engine Friendly Product Catalog
  • Automated thumbnail generation and auto-resize of enlarge image.

  • Breadcrumb navigation.
    Improve visitors browsing experience. It provides information to users as to where they are located within the site, and it offers shortcut links for users to `jump` to previously viewed pages without using the Back button.

  • Search Product.
    Browse and quick search for the products your customer looking for.

  • New & Featured Products
    You may want to promote your new products and emphasis your hot selling products. Now you can put them as new or featured products.
Customize Your Catalog Layout
  • Customizable catalog layout.
    • You can choose which info that you would like to show below a thumbnail picture, such as SKU, Price, Add To Cart, or brief description.

    • Select the alignment of your thumbnail display.

    • Define how many thumbnails you would like to display per catalog page.

    • Set a font color to highlight your sales price.

Product Details
  • Full Product Description
    You can input different product details such as title, code, price, weight, quantity in stock, and create multiple product options with surcharge for each option.

  • Options & Surcharge
    Product options are customizable to your item specification, e.g.: color, size. For instant, you may create different "Color": White, Green, Black for your dress products. If say you want to charge additional price for a limited edition option, simply add a surcharge for it.

  • WYSIWYG Editor
    Not until that, use the HTML editor to input more product description to create brochures-like content.

Quick Add To Cart button

Your regular customers may find it is easier now to buy your products using the instant 'Add To Cart' button that comes with each thumbnail, without having to go into the detail page to place order.

For new customers, they can use the 'Detail' link or click on a thumbnail to view the product details.

Multi-Level Product Categories

As you want to allow your customers to find the particular products easily, you categorize them. The eCommerce PRO enables you to create different levels of product categories.

You are not limited to assign your product to 1 category only but to various categories.

For example, you can assign a LCD monitor to the "Monitor" category as well as adding it under a brand category. There is no need to clone same product info.

Email-A-Friend, Product Rating & Review

Email-A-Friend, Ratings and Reviews

  • Email-A-Friend
    This feature enables site visitors to recommend your products to their friends and family simply by inputting their email addresses. The email is automatically sent to the specified recipients with a link to the product details in your catalog.

  • Customer Reviews
    Your customers can now share their opinions about your products by submitting reviews. The review box comes with CAPTCHA image verification to prevent people from spamming your reviews entry.

  • Product Rating
    Via product rating, you will know which product your customers like the most and their preferences. You can set whether to allow multiple votes per person to avoid false product rating.

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