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Modules Builder > Documentation

This section features the Modules Builder Pro back-end interface, tutorials, installation, and integration procedures. Click on the respective screenshot below to read and learn more about this module.

  Interface Overview

Overview of the Modules Builder Pro interface which include the work area and One Admin Panel.
    Front-End Integration

Integrate PHP scripts to your web page in 5 simple steps. Click here to view integration guideline.

  Installation Guidelines

Upload To Server
Learn about how to upload Modules Builder Pro to your website using a FTP program or a Web-Based Installer.

Installation Wizard
After you've completed uploaded Modules Builder Pro to your website, learn about how to run Installation Wizard.


View screenshots and read tutorial on how to create page objects, edit, delete page objects, customize features, etc.

Download Tutorials
Download file and extract it. Then, run HTML tutorials on your desktop.