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Here are some guidelines and screenshots on how to integrate a complete module to your website. Let's say, you have built a 'PC Catalog' module and now you are going to integrate it into your front-end page to showcase your products information.

 Step 1 : Create new PHP page

First, create a web page where you'd like to display your menu and content in your form created using the Page Objects. Save the web page file with .php extension, such as 'sample_pccatalog.php'.

Note: You can put the file into web root directory or any directory on the server.

 Step 2 : Obtain integration codes

After you have created a front end's page object, namely Record Display. Modules Builder Pro will automatically generate the inclusion code for all the front end's page objects. To begin, proceed to 'Launch Builder section > Front-End' and browse to your form pages to obtain integration codes.

 Step 3 : Copy integration codes

Now, open the sample_pccatalog.php you've created with your text editor and copy the integration code of the selected page.

 Step 4 : Paste integration codes

To load the 'PC Catalog' menu, product lists and category lists created with Record Display page object, copy the necessary integration codes and paste them into the area that you wish to showcase your products and categories.

Category Menu (Front-end)

Place the 'Category Menu' code into the area you wish to display your catalog's menu. After integration, it will filter all computer products by categories and display in your catalog, which is calling the 'Category Listing' page.

Product Listing (Front-end)

Place the 'Product Listing' code into the area you wish to display the entire product lists on your web page. After integration, it will display all computer products information in your catalog and allow visitor to view with photo thumbnails.

Category Listing (Front-end)

Place the 'Category List' code into the area you want the category lists to be displayed. After integration, it will display all computer products in your catalog. It is based on the category_id passed from 'Category Menu'.

Product Detail (Front-end)

Place the 'Product Detail' code into the area you wish to display in your web design page. After integration, it will display detailed information of computer products based on the prod_id passed from the link created in Product Listing. In addition, this page will also allow visitors to rate your products and the average rating will be displayed at the bottom of 'Product Detail' page.

 Step 5 : View integration result.

Now, proceed to your web page URL, eg: ' http://your-domain-name/sample_pccatalog.php ' to view your front-end integration results.

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