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Installing Modules Builder Pro

This is a flash tutorial of installing Modules Builder Pro, just take a moment to go through the installation process. You've to have your Modules Builder Pro installed in order to access to your administration area.

Getting Started With Modules Builder Pro - Install Module Package

After you've installed Modules Builder Pro to your website, login to your Administration area and start installing Module Packages. Module Packages are ready-made module available in our Modules Library that you can download for free.

Guestbook Part 1 - Using Form Submission

Learn about creating Form Submission page object in the front-end design area. Created forms will enable your users to post comments, send enquiries and many more.

Guestbook Part 2 - Using Record Display

Learn about creating Record Display page object to display your visitors comments, and other info in your website.

Guestbook Part 3 - Using List/Edit/Delete

Learn to create List/Edit/Delete page object to allow you to manage and update records through your back-end administration area.

Documentation and Packaging Your Module

Learn how to prepare a documentation for your module you've created and package completed module to allow others to download on their web sites which also have the Modules Builder Pro installed.