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Script Type PHP Server Side Scripting
Operating System Linux or Windows Server
Web Server Apache or IIS
PHP Version PHP 4.2 or above
PHP Configuration ZLib library (for Standard version)
ionCube Loader (for ionCube version)
safe_mode = OFF
short_open_tag = ON
open_basedir = no value (empty)
GD 2.0 library or higher, with FreeType Support enabled
EXIF support *
Database MySQL 4, MySQL 5
Web Browser Internet Explorer 6 or above, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, javascript and cookie enabled
Hardware PC and Mac
  (Note: WYSIWYG editor is not supported in Safari on MAC. It will be converted to a large text box where you can enter HTML codes manually.)

* EXIF is optional and only required if you wish to use the EXIF data of JPG images in Photo Gallery.

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