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Using Menu Label Page Object

Below are the tutorials for creating module's menu with multiple submenus using 'Menu Label' page object. Let's say, you've built a Desktop Computer Catalog module and you wish to create a menu label with various submenus. For eg. List Desktop and Add Desktop are submenus for Desktop Computer.

Create Menu Label Page Object

  1. Login to your One Admin area and click on the 'Desktop Computer Catalog' in the module's pane to run module through back-end system. Otherwise, click on the Pro button in the One Admin panel to access Modules Builder Pro and create 'Desktop Computer Catalog' module.

  2. Once you have completed step 1, proceed to module's Launch Builder and a page similar to above will prompt out. On this page, select Back-End design area and create menu's label using 'Menu Label' page object.

  3. Name the menu as 'Desktop Computer' and select the display location in menu's panel. Click on the 'Create' button once you're done.

Create Add Record Page Object

  1. Create another form using 'Add Record' page object and name it as 'Add Desktop'

  2. Place the 'Add Desktop' under the 'Desktop Computer' that you've created earlier. Select the display location in menu's panel and define the 'Data' source name (Table's name in the database). Click on the 'Create' button once you're done.
Note : Kindly refer to 'Add Record' and 'List/Edit/Delete' page objects to learn how to create 'Add Desktop' and 'List Desktop' pages and fields.

Back-End Administration Area

The 'Desktop Computer' menu will appear in your back-end system. You can browse to the 'Add Desktop' page in the drop down menu and add record manually into your database.

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