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Modules Builder > Product Features

Modules Builder
Needless to write PHP scripts from scratch
Extend your website with more PHP modules
Build your own modules to add in extra functionalities
Customize features to your own needs

Create Your Own Modules
Simple and straightforward interface
Use various page objects to create features
Create and customize modules features using front-end or back-end design area

Install Ready Made Modules
Needless to build modules from scratch
Free for download from our Modules Library
Choose any module that suits your web projects requirements
Download ZIP file into your PC and install it on Modules Builder Pro or Modules Builder Lite
Launch Builder to start creating and customizing desired features

Using Page Objects
Add Record - enabling you to add records through back-end system
List/Edit/Delete - enabling you to manage and update records
Menu Label - create menu's label to organize multiple submenus
Record Display - display your products catalog in your front-end
Form Submission - create all types of forms such as enquiry form, feedback form, etc

Create Form Fields
Insert various fields : textbox, radio button, multiple selection, HTML editor, date, etc
Enable admin to download files and view ../images uploaded by users
Get option values from module's table or existing database
Easily edit and remove fields or table's columns in a form

Customize Design Block
Each record is displayed using a display block
Edit or create your own display layout using HTML editor
Build your own 'Custom Variables' such as using the SQL variables and combine them with additional image and anchor tags

Use Simple SQL Wizard
Define your records selection from database or enter your own SQL Clause
Modify SQL clause to retrieve records from database
Needless to add ' ; ' at the end of your SQL Query

Execute Additional PHP Codes
Execute additional PHP codes when an 'Enquiry Form' page is submitted
Email users to notify them about successful form submission
Modify existing email messages using PHP scripts
Needless to enter PHP opening and closing tags such as <? or ?>

Write up documentation about your module using HTML editor
Include installation, integration guidelines, and more
Auto-generate inclusion codes for all front-end page objects
Copy and paste inclusion codes into .php file of your client's web page

Package Modules
Package your custom built modules into Zip file
Include sample data or delete them off before packaging
Distribute and resell packaged modules to your clients
Reuse custom built modules on different websites using Modules Builder Lite

Front-End CSS
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language used to style web pages
Enable you to define or edit colors, fonts, and layout of your web pages
Enable Front-End CSS option to display CSS in your front-end

3rd Party Application
Link and integrate with 3rd party web-based applications
Save your time from having to login to the same admin area and access other applications separately
Assign several users with login accounts to access 3rd party applications

Easy Management
Personalize admin account login and details
email sending option, time zone settings, etc
Grant permission for users to access specific custom built modules.