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Modules Builder > Documentation > Run Installation Wizard

To run Installation Wizard, browse to the URL of where you install the 'myadmin' folder, for example: 'http://your-domain-name/myadmin'. For 'Windows Server' users, you will probably need to browse to this URL, 'http://your-domain-name/myadmin/index.php'.

(I) Checking Server Configurations:
Please check your server configurations to ensure that your web server meets the system requirements. If any incompatibilities take place, we advice you to adjust your server configuration before you proceed any further.

(II) Directory Paths and Administrator Password:
This section allows you to specify the location of your /myadmin directory, and the administrator login password. Please click here for more information.

(III) SMTP & Email Settings:
In this section you will require to enter the administrator email, and the related SMTP information. Please click here for more information.

(IV) MySQL Database Settings:
This section allows you to enter the information of MySQL database, which you have created earlier. Please click here for more information.

(V) Towards The Completion:
Once you complete all sections, click on 'Proceed To Install' button. Your configuration will be written into the /myadmin/config.php file and MySQL database will be created as well.

** Upon completion of Installation Wizard, kindly reset the file permission of the /myadmin/config.php file to 644.

Now, you are able to login to your One Admin using your username and password.

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