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Customization Service

If you would like to customize the existing features, or you want to add functionalities to any of your One Admin components, we will be pleased to, when possible, customize the scripts to meet your business needs. Customization fee is $35 per man-hour. [ View procedures ]

Request-A-Quote is adsolutely free and does not obligate you in any way. Using this system will ensures that we have the resources to cover your custom work and not put you on hold for available time slots. Please understand that the acceptance of a custom work is based on time slots availability.

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Customization Procedures

  1. Your send your best detailed requirements to us through the Request a Quote form.
  2. We will study your requirements, may clariy some points, raise a quote for the customization, and get back to you with an estimate of the time frame as well as a schedule for your inquiry.
  3. If you agree with the quote, an invoice will be issued.
  4. Our development team will start working on your project in 1-2 days after we have received your payment.
  5. When the customization is completed, we will notify you via email, and deliver the customized files along with installation guidelines to you.


One Time Fee, and Re-use of Custom Code

The customization is one time fee, and it does not include the cost of component's license. You can re-use the custom code on other websites / URLs without extra charges, but you will need a new license to activate the module on your new site / URL.

Please note that the custom code can only be used on the One Admin panel that compatible with the version of 'Product to Customize' at the time you request for customization. For example, if you modified the eCommerce V4.2, then your custom code can only be used on V4.2 panel, but not on the lower or greater version.


Installation of Custom Files

In most cases, applying customization to your current system requires additional new fields or new tables in your database. You can opt to have us install the customization for you at additional charges of $25.00 (one time fee per incidence). This ensure that your existing database is not interrupted after putting in new fields / tables.

If you would like to install the custom code on other websites or re-install them, no worries, we could help you with that at the above charges. Simply contact us, request for the additional installations and provide your Reference No.