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April Deals: Buy One Admin Components, Get FREE Voucher

22nd March, 2010
It is another season for 2010 again. We are taking this opportunity especially to wish you 'Thank You' for supporting Your support has been very helpful in further development of our products.

We want to thank you for giving One Admin components a steady growth throughout the year. Last month, we had just released the new 4.2.2 version. We really do appreciate your continuous support.

In return, we want to offer you a very special deal until April 30, 2010:

Buy any component(s) now for $100 and above, you get $20 coupon for FREE.
Buy any component(s) now for $50 - $99, and you will receive $10 coupon for FREE.
Coupon Redemption Period: 1st April - 31th May 2010
* Terms and Conditions Applied

Here's how it works:

You buy any of One Admin components or Private Label at ($50 or above in 1 transaction) from now until 30th April 2010, you will receive a personal coupon code by email.
Coupon can be redeemed for your next purchase made from 1st April - 31 May 2010 at check out page. Once the coupon code is entered, your discount will be instantly applied.

It's that easy! This is our special way of saying "Thank you for being Comdev customer!".

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Only 1 coupon can be used in single transaction.
  2. Coupon only valid for One Admin components, Modules Builder PRO / Lite, and Private Label purchase.
  3. Coupon valid with purchase of $50 and above in single transaction.

One Admin V4.2.2 Released with New & Enhanced Features

01st March, 2010
  • ENHANCED! Fully compatible with PHP 5.3
  • NEW! Wider admin interface is now even more easier to work
  • ENHANCED! Minor Performance Improvement
  • NEW! WYSIWYG editor with new useful tools: format font, heading, CSS; Preview; Anchor link; Maximize editor to full screen and more
  • ENHANCED! A long waiting Paypal IPN is now available in eCommerce & eCommerce PRO
  • ENHANCED! New PayPal currencies supported: BRL, MYR, THB, MXN in eCommerce & eCommerce PRO
  • ENHANCED! Better Search Engine Friendly URL support
  • ENHANCED! Bugs fixes, security patches, anti-spam CAPTCHA
  • NEW! News Publisher: display latest headlines on different web page from full article page
  • ENHANCED! Sort article by date in RSS Feeds for News Publisher and Web Blogger
  • NEW! Specify charset for admin panel
  • NEW! Personalize 'From Name' in all emails

Wider admin interface with drop down application menu giving more space to work
Spacious working area, with applications in drop-down listing

New editor with more useful tools: format font, font CSS, Preview, Anchor Link, Maximize editor to full screen
WYSIWYG editor with new useful tools



Comdev eSolution!

18th Tuesday, 2009
Comdev eSolution: Custom PHP Programming Service We have founded our new team, Comdev eSolution! The eSolution team aims to provide custom PHP outsource programming service for web designer, by leveraging on Comdev One Admin platform for faster PHP development.

Comdev can now offer a complete service to our clients; not limited to ready made PHP components, but more importantly, we are now able to handle your outsource PHP programming needs. Be it small, medium or large projects that you are dealing with, whenever you need to develop PHP applications, you can talk to us!

  • Fully Private Label

  • Fast & Timely Delivery

  • FREE 1 month Maintenance

While we are in progress to launch this new service in September 2009, please feel free to contact us to request a project quote!

Meanwhile, please help us to fill in a survey to understand your web design needs. It takes only a few seconds. Thank You!   Take Survey Here >>


New eCommerce PRO Released!

15th February, 2009
Comdev eCommerce PRO 4.2. Shopping Cart, Marketing / SEO, Sales Report. This is with courtesy to announce the release of eCommerce PRO 4.2.1. eCommerce PRO is the improved version of eCommerce that particularly provides you with the Marketing/SEO and Sales Analytic & Reporting Tools, all which help you to increase visitors to your online store and enhance your ranking in the major search engines.

More about eCommerce PRO

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