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Tradeshows: HostingCon 2006

Bryan, Comdev CEO had recently came back from the HostingCon exhibition in Las Vegas and here is his story...

The outcome of the exhibition was very fruitful, as we managed to complete the Beta version of the world's first web-based desktop application which is called


. Our team including myself are indeed motivated to produce more sophisticated software to cater to our customers needs and will be working on the Version 1 release.

As I reminisce of the incredible journey I embarked upon, it was, I must say, pretty crazy to fly all the way to the United States for 25 hours just to attend the exhibition. Even more so for a first-timer like me. Nevertheless, I had a good time there and managed to meet up with some renowned individuals, with whom I hope to have future dealings with. They include Lenny from Hotscripts, Sam from SiteZen, Candice from WHIR, Hostway, Globat, Fastservers, Liquidweb, and Tucows, to mention a few.

After I came back to Malaysia, I shared my experience with my chums from various web hosts such as ExaBytes and eMerge. They were excited when I showed them my photos and told them of my experience. I'm looking forward to visiting Las Vegas again and hopefully bringing them along next year.

Below are some pictures taken during the exhibition. Please click on each shot to view enlarged photos.

With CEO from HostReview

Timonthy from FirstRev

Scott from Hotscripts

Lenny, ex-Sales Director from Hotscripts

Ivan from Freeside

Candice from WHIR

Show has ended