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Custom build your own One Admin modules

Modules Builder extends the One Admin platform by giving you the ability to build and customize your own modules that you need for your websites. You no longer need to hire any programmer to hardcode your web applications.

With simple web-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tool that built into the Modules Builder, you can now use the basic Page Objects like Add Record, List/Edit/Delete, Menu Label, Record Display and Form Submission to start creating your own modules today!

Key Features Supported

Build PHP modules without programming
Package your module into zip file
Install ready made modules in our library
Easy-to-write module documentation for your users
Create shortcut to 3rd party applications
Easily intergrate the front-end with web design pages.

More About Modules Builder Features

Key Features Supported

Banner Management
Books Catalog
Computer Catalog
Desktop Computer
Enquiry Form
Event Registration
FAQ Manager
News Article
Photo Album
Real Estate
Send Feedback
Stationary Shop Catalog
Technical Support Form
Trial Download

You can download the ZIP file of each module above and install it on the Modules Builder Pro or Lite version.

Features Modules Builder Pro Modules Builder Lite

Find Out More

View the Flash tutorials to learn how to get started.
How to utilize Page Objects to create and customize modules features.
Purchase the full version and start building cool PHP modules today!