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Events Calendar : System Requirements

Comdev Events Calendar is a web-based application that runs on your website. You will need to upload the application files to your web server or website hosting account with the requirements as below.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

Your web server must supports PHP 4 or PHP 5.

The PHP configuration as refered to the php.ini file must have the following:-
safe_mode : Off
file_uploads : On

MySQL Database

Your web server must support MySQL 3, 4 or 5.

Your web hosting provider will normally provide you with MySQL database. Nowadays, you can create your MySQL database in your web hosting account control panel such as cPanel, Plesk, Ensim or HELM.

Make sure that you have your MySQL database ready with its information:- MySQL host, database name, username and password.

Application Decoder/Loader

As certain PHP files are encrypted for code protection, you will need to have one of the application decoder or loader available in your web server. Due to increasing demand of web applications, most web hosting providers already have their servers equipped with popular decoders like Zend Optimizer and ionCube loader.

Zend Optimizer

Zend Optimizer is a free application that runs the files encoded by Zend Guard, while enhancing the performance of PHP applications. It is a common requirement for today's Linux hosting servers and most web hosts have Zend Optimizer supported. If your web host does not have this feature configured, kindly contact them to have it enabled.

ionCube Loader

ionCube protects PHP source code and other files from prying eyes, theft and change. You will need ionCube Loader supported in your server to run our applications packaged as the ionCube version.

Without any decorder/loader

If you really don't have both Zend Optimizer and ionCube available in your web server, you can choose to use the normal encrypted version. Normal encrypted version uses ZLIB library which are mostly enabled in your PHP configuration.

The disadvantage of this version is the slower application loading speed as compared to Zend Optimizer and ionCube.

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