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How can I reset my statistic?
Login to your One Admin control panel. Click 'Clear Records' on the top right of your counter page that you wish to reset it's statistic. Click OK on the popup message window to start n...
Modified on 2005-12-15

How do I remove the Geo Traffic tracker from a webpage?
That's really simple, just remove the PHP tracker include code from your web page, save and upload the revised file to your web server....
Modified on 2005-12-15

How does the Geo Traffic works?
You can add the traffic tracker in the pages you want the counter to appear, and the Geo Traffic provides you with detailed reports of every aspects of your website. When visitor load...
Modified on 2005-12-15

How do I translate the language file for my Geo Traffic?
Version 3.0 and above are multilingual support. With the language folders enabled for creating multiple language files, you can translate the Geo Traffic completely without having...
Modified on 2005-12-15

What is the code I need to use for Geo Traffic to track my web pages? Can I put the code in my html pages?
The basic code (tracker) for your Geo Traffic is: However, to ensure the Geo Traffic works on all pages on your website, we recommend you to add the full Document Path (path from top lev...
Modified on 2005-12-14