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Geo Traffic : Getting Started : Web Page Integration

1. Create New PHP Page

Create a PHP page where you would like to track the traffic of your web pages. Save the web page file with .php extension, such as index.php. You can put the file in any directory on the server.

2. Find the Document Path

To ensure that your Geo Traffic works regardless the location of the PHP page, you will need to add your server's Document Path to all the PHP include codes.

To find the Document Path, open the


file with your text editor, and note down the value for $path["docroot"]. Let's assume the Document Path is C:/wwwroot/user/myadmin/

3. Tracking with Geo Traffic

You can easily integrate the tracking code to your web pages. Insert the following code at the

topmost line (line 1)

in your PHP pages without any preceded character.
  include_once ("C:/wwwroot/user/myadmin/config.php");

  include_once ("C:/wwwroot/user/myadmin/common/session.php");
  include_once ("C:/wwwroot/user/myadmin/geotraffic/home.track.php");

4. View Traffic Results

Login to your Geo Traffic administration area, you will be able to see the traffic reports in graphical format.

For Daily Hits, you will need at least 2 days to generate the graph.

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