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How do I edit or delete input fields on my Contact Form?
Login to your One Admin control panel, click on Manager Fields link.To edit an input field In the list of form elements, click on the corresponding  icon to edit the field. You'l...
Modified on 2004-12-01

How do I translate the language file for my Contact Form?
Version 3.0 and above are multilingual support. With the language folders enabled for creating multiple language files, you can translate the Contact Form completely without havi...
Modified on 2006-07-05

How do I review, delete the information posted to my Contact Form?
All the information submitted to your online form are archived in the List Message section. This will allows you to revise who had posted the messages, and when the information is filled up...
Modified on 2005-12-15

What is Auto-Responder? How do I set up or disable auto-responder?
The auto-responder will send an email to your visitor after he/she has filled up your Contact Form. To set up auto-responder, login to your One Admin control panel, click on the Pre...
Modified on 2005-12-15

How do I edit the Thank You message for my visitors after they have filled up the form?
Login to your One Admin control panel, click on Preference. Underneath the title of 'Thank You Message', personalize your thank you message in the text box provided. Click on ...
Modified on 2005-12-15

How do I stop receiving email notification when visitors submitted my Contact Form?
Login to your One Admin control panel, click on Preference link. In the Email Notification section, check the Enable Email Notification box to be notified. Clear the checkbox to stop the...
Modified on 2005-12-15

How do I customize the Contact Form to add on additional fields?
Login to your One Admin control panel, click on Manage Fields link. Enter a caption for the new field in the Field Text box. Choose an input type from the drop down list. There are 5 ty...
Modified on 2005-12-15

How many input fields can I put on my Contact Form? What types can I add?
Basically there are no limits of input fields you want to create in your Contact Form. You can have 5 types of form elements, these are: Text Box Drop Down Selection Check Bo...
Modified on 2005-12-15

If I add the Contact Form include codes in my web page, what will I see?
The PHP include codes will place a simple contact form on your web page. By default, your online form should already have Name, Email Address and Messages input fields that your Co...
Modified on 2006-07-05