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Photo Gallery : Product Features

Online Photo Album

Auto Thumbnail Creation, Resize, Copyright
Bulk Upload Photos
Photo Submission
Membership & Private Access
Search Engine Friendly, Anti-Spam

Online Photo Album

Photo Gallery publishes your photos as thumbnails in your photo album. All your uploaded photos will be automatically arranged according to your display settings. The navigation is simple enough for you to browse through the entire photo album.

You no longer need to publish different HTML page for every single photo.

Photo Categories & Search

As you will want to sort your photos for easy navigation purpose, you can create different levels of photo categories.

For example, you can create categories where you want to publish different events' photos.

The search function lets you search your photos by category and keywords.

Photo Details

Clicking on the photo lets you view the photo in a larger size and its details such as photo title, publish date, description, hits and ratings.

Your visitors can rate and write their comments about your photos.

There are 2 display styles that you can choose for photo details. Style 1 display the details at right, while Style 2 display the details at the bottom.

Slide Show

Slide show lets you to sit back and view the photos in an automatic running sequence.

Set the slide show speed in the preference area for the interval time.

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