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Integrating News Content

Comdev News Publisher integrates well into your web pages without the need to customize any template.

You are able to integrate separate content blocks such as news summary, announcement or search blocks into different sections of your websites with only few lins of PHP inclusion codes.

Search for News

You are able to search for news article by keywords or publish date. You can also browse by categories or in the archive below the search block.

Latest News

For the news article content, it displays the news title, date and summary. You can click into the title to read the full article.

Print Version, Email-To-Friend

Reading the article in full, you can select to read the print version, or if you wish, email the article to your friends.


If you have any announcement, choose the type as Announcement when you are adding new content.

Announcement will only display the summary without the full article body.

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