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Form Designer : Product Features

Running Online Form

Create Your Form

Form Page and Fields
Send Submission via Email
View and Export Submitted Form

Create Your Form

To create your form, enter your form details such as name, URL and etc. You can create multiple forms to run on your website.

Upon Form Submission

Choose your options what you would like your form to do upon submission.

Either you can direct the form to a Thank You page or URL, notify the administrator, send an auto-responder and extra email copies, or prohibit multiple submissions for the same user.

Customize Messages and Emails

You can customize your Thank You message which will display upon form submission, or personalize your notification email to the administrator as well as the auto-responder email.

Integrate Your Form

To integrate your form in your web page, simply click on List Form : Click to Get Code. A window will popup to show you the code for you to use the code in your webpage.

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