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Online Product Catalog

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Online Product Catalog

eCommerce publishes your online catalog with product thumbnails which are generated automatically.

Below the thumbnail, you will find brief information such as Product Title, SKU Code, Price and Sales Price.

You can browse and perform searches to view the product details.

Multi-Level Product Categories

As you will want sort your products for easy browsing purpose, you can create different levels of product cateogries. You are not limited to assign your product to 1 category but for various categories.

For example, you can assign a LCD monitor to the "Monitor" category as well as according to its brand.

Product Details

You can input different product details such as title, code, price, weight, quantity in stock and special product options like color and size.

The product options are customizable to your product specification. For example, you can create different "Memory" options like 512MB, 1GB for your computer products.

Not until that, use the HTML editor to input more product description like content from brochures.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Your customers rate your products and write their reviews. You can set whether to allow multiple vote per person to avoid false product rating.

Meanwhile, the review box comes with CAPTCHA image verification to prevent people from spamming your product reviews area.

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