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Comdev CSV Importer 4.1 for PHP

Import data to MySQL database using CSV file easily!

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The CSV Importer component is the only tool that offers you the shortcut to maintain your MySQL database. Using CSV format file, everything is easy to work around with data that you have updated using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

  Key Features

Signup For Membership  
Assign members with the permission to import CSV files to selected database through front-end.
Multiple Database Groups  
Create different groups and allocate database tables for members to access.

Import/Export CSV File
Export your MySQL tables to your desktop; import CSV file, and append records to existing database.
Undo Import
Undo import process to restore your last backup data.

More CSV Importer Features

  Benefits : What's In It For Me?

Record Maintenance
Some data that you manually recorded using a spreadsheet application can be easily appended to your existing database.

Backup Data From Losing / Corrupt
All important data stored in the database might be corrupted or lost due to catastrophe. The most common issue faced is computer viruses, trojan horses, hackers and other malicious codes that will penetrate into your system and corrupt your data.

File Sharing / Distribution
You can retrieve the info that you want from your database, save it into your PC or disk and distribute it for administrative purposes.

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