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How Can I Enable/Disable Any Of The Online Payment, Price Quote Or Purchase Order Payment Methods?

Modified on 2005-12-22

The Comdev eCommerce 3.0 components are developed specially for small businesses to adopt e-commerce instead of the conventional trading practices.

The eCommerce Transaction component supports 3 transaction methods, which are:-

Online Checkout

This is where you can provide online payment facility for your customers to pay for their orders easily using the most well-known online payment providers, such as Paypal and

Request For Price Quote

It may happened that your business nature involves large scaled product such as machines, industrial products, etc. or your customers may want to order large volume of stock from you. Here, you will find that the Price Quote feature is very useful for your needs.

Purchase Order

In some companies, they will need to use invoice billing and payment for their financial account handling purpose. In this case, you can allow them to send the product items they wish to purchase using the Purchase Order option, and then you pass the order to your account department to handle the offline billing.

Enable/Disable The Transaction Methods

  1. To set which payment methods that you wish to provide for your customers, login to your administration area.
  2. Click on the eCommerce Transaction icon follow by the Preference link.
  3. Under General Settings, you will find the Enable or Disable option in any of the 3 transaction methods.
  4. Once you're done, click on the Save button.

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