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What makes us different to provide what you need?

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What do you need for an excellent PHP e-Commerce software?

You may have looked all over to find the right ecommerce software, scripts and program.


smooth and easy-to-setup

 PHP e-Commerce software running on your website.
The features are

not over complicated

, sufficient and easy for you to understand.
You can customize what you need with

full technical assistance

Not only that, you need

additional applications

to work with the ecommerce.

Comdev eCommerce provides you with intuitive features

Store front that is

easy to integrate

with your existing web design pages.
Search engine friendly

online product catalog

with multiple categories, pricing, photos.

Complete features

like shopping cart, discount coupon, tax, shipping, and inventory management.
Support both

online and offline

payment methods to let you trade using the Internet.
Manage your

customer database

, assign special prices access and view their transaction's history.

Comdev gives you hot swappable website system and modules

We are the one stop PHP applications provider, giving you the modules that you need for your websites, not limited to just eCommerce but many other applications that you need.

All our applications including eCommerce are based on the

One Admin platform

One Admin provides one

streamlined workflow


flexible architecture


click and install

additional applications to extend your website functionalities.
There are

16 other applications

in One Admin Suite that you can use with eCommerce.
You don't need to deal with

different vendors


open source community forums

for support.

What our customers have said...

"Thank you for your great patience and help so that I was able to fix this problem. Now it works perfectly. You have a great product."

Chris Simental, Cyclotron Records

"I just wanted to say that Comdev Software is one of the best companies I have dealt with in the long road to getting this website off the ground."

Christopher Halls,

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We also invite you to try it yourself with our

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. You can view both the front-end and back-end of the e-commerce system, upload your own products, set the pricing, and explore all the features you can use.

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