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Using The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor

Modified on 2005-12-16

With the rich text editor, you are able to format your FAQ answers without using HTML tags, these include: bold, italic, underline, change font size, style & color, align left / center / right, make bullet or number list, indent / un-indent paragraphs, insert hyperlinks, add tables, add images, and insert horizontal line.

Please note that the WYSIWYG editor only functions in Internet Explorer 5.5 or above on Windows. This is because IE 5.5+ includes some functionalities to make sections of a web page editable by defining a 'contentEditable' or 'designMode' property. Unfortunately, there features are not available in other browsers yet, such as Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, MAC IE and etc. None of these browsers support 'contentEditable' or make an existing content in a page to be editable.

You can enter or modify text as well as using keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons to perform operations on your FAQ contents. Pressing <ENTER>will start a new paragraph, and leaves a blank line. For single line break, press <ENTER> + <SHIFT>. The outline of the non-border tables can be previewed by checking the 'Show Guide' option at the bottom of the editor. 

Insert an Image

To insert an image into your content:

  • Position the mouse cursor on where you would like the image to appear, then click on the  icon on the toolbar.

  • From the popup window, browse for your image, and specify a border depth.

  • Optionally, you may choose an alignment or enter an alternate text for the image.

  • Click on the 'Insert' button.

Enter HTML Code Directly Into the Editor

  • Check 'Show HTML Code' option beneath the editor, and paste your raw HTML code.

  • To ensure the visibility of all the images on your content, you will need to manually upload those images into the '/oneadmin/_files/faqsupport' folder.

  • Back to the HTML code, substitute each tag for image source, < img src> to:

    < img src="http://your-domain-name/oneadmin/faqsupport/image-file-name">

    With this, the FAQ Support will be able to find the right path to load images right into your content.

  • Once you have completed all the changes, check 'Show WYSIWYG Editor' again to view the result.

    Note: Be careful when pasting content from other editors or word processors because most will try to add their own code that may not compatible or valid within this editor. It is advisable to test a portion of pasted layout before attempting to create full newsletter, and find out the code that are not valid. Enter the valid HTML code, otherwise the FAQ answer will not be displayed as expected.

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