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Patch 413_02: Security Update for Web Blogger & News Publisher v4.1.3


You need to apply this patch if you are installing the One Admin v4.1.3, and especially the Web Blogger, News Publisher v4.1.3.

This patch has been included in the One Admin v4.1.4, when you install v4.1.4, there is no need to apply this patch. So, if you would like to upgrade your One Admin from v4.1.3 to v4.1.4 straight away, please refer to the knowledge base at

A special note of gratitude for a security vulnerability researcher for his kind report on the SQL injection flaw that found on Web Blogger & News Publisher v4.1.3. Hence, we released the patch to fix this vulnerability.

How to apply updates:

   1. Download the attached file below.

   2. Unzip the file, and you will see 3 version of files: IonCube, Zend, and Standard respectively. Select your version and browse into the appropriate folder.

   3. Follow the instruction in the 'Readme.txt' file on how to upload the patches to your existing installation folder.

      Note: If you're using the Zend version, please be reminded to upload the files in BINARY mode.

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