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Will this application create galleries from multiple file formats, ie: jpg, gif, png, tif, flash, avi, quicktime, bmp, windows media?

Modified on 2005-12-15

The Photo Gallery scripts use GD graphic library compiled in PHP INI to enable auto-thumbnail creation, image resizing, and adding copyright text.

Normally, the GD supports only JPG images. However, with higher version of your PHP version or GD version, GIF images are supported as well.

For PHP 4.3.9 or with GD 2.0.28

Images may be in JPG and GIF format.

For PHP 4.3.9 or lower version

Only JPG format is allowed.

Note: This restriction is not apply to downloadable files. The downloadable files can appear in any format.

To get an idea of what's the version of your PHP and GD are, if you have installed the oneadmin folder, you can check them at http://your-domain-name/oneadmin/phpinfo.php.

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