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How do I add a new campaign? How do I set my Vote Caster statistic to private or public?

Modified on 2005-12-15

  1. Login to your One Admin control panel, click on Campaign link.

  2. Enter a title for the new campaign in the text box provided.

  3. Select Active radio button to run the campaign right on your website now, or select  inactive to deactivate the campaign.

    Note: Only 1 campaign can be activated at one time. If you set the new campaign to Active, it will take over the active status you have set for an earlier campaign, where the earlier campaign will be deactivated.

  4. Check the 'Allow Public to View Results' checkbox if you wish to have the stats for the campaign visible to all visitors. Clear the checkbox to keep your stats private.

  5. Click on the 'Add' button. The new campaign will be added to the list of campaign, where it is highlighted.

    Note: You will need to create at least one campaign before you're able to add your polls.

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